Meditation for Holiday Travel

Meditation for Holiday TravelHere’s a simple and easy 5 minute meditation for holiday travel that will melt your holiday travel stress away.


Meditation for Holiday Travel


  • Sit up straight and relax your shoulders

  • Let distracting thoughts dissolve away as you focus on deep breathing

  • Think about your destination and the loved ones you’ll be visiting

  • Remember that you’re surrounded by people making similar plans – just like you

  • Once you’re feeling relaxed and happy, let go of the details and enjoy that warm feeling

  • Imagine wrapping up those good feelings and presenting them to everyone around you

  • Gradually return your attention to the present moment

  • Remind yourself of the fellowship you felt while meditating


Enjoy this meditation for holiday travel while waiting for your flight, during your flight, or as a passenger in a car traveling to your destination. Please, though, remember not to meditate while driving! 🙂


Additionally, it’s the perfect time of year to remember that you’re too blessed to be stressed, so don’t forget to download the FREE 5 minute “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” guided meditation. Enjoy listening to that during your holiday travels as well.


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