Work With Me

Let me help you find your happiness and peace. I offer a variety of services to help you live a happier, healthier, less stressed life, including happiness coaching, law of attraction coaching, private meditation sessions, & affirmation writing and recording.




  • happiness coaching (private coaching via email, Skype, or phone)

    – Do you want to live a life of greater happiness? I’ll coach you on how to find your inner happiness so that you can live a happier life, no matter what life throws at you. Email me for one FREE private happiness coaching session with me via email!


  • law of attraction coaching (private coaching via email, Skype, or phone)

    – Do you want to live a life of more abundance? I’ll coach you on how to use the law of attraction to help manifest your deepest desires.


  • private meditation sessions via Skype or phone 

    – A private meditation session is a customized guided meditation experience designed specifically for you and your present needs. This is excellent for those who may prefer one-on-one time and attention addressing your specific needs.


  • private breathing lessons via Skype or phone

    – Breathe easier and deepen your meditation and relaxation practices by learning an efficient and calming breathing method used by some of the world’s top vocalists and voice artists.


  • meditation and/or affirmation writing

    – I’ll write a custom guided meditation or affirmation for you on whatever topic you’d like.


  • meditation and/or affirmation audio recording

    – Do you love to relax to my voice? I’ll record your favorite meditation or affirmation script for your own personal use.


Please contact me for more information about any of these services and working with me.