Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming ChallengesAre you struggling with issues that keep you from achieving your goals? Soar past these challenges and get back on course with these techniques to help you with overcoming challenges.


Techniques for overcoming challenges


  • Evaluate the challenge

  • Expect the best outcome

  • Believe in yourself

  • Use positive, encouraging self-talk

  • Remove negative thoughts

  • Look for the silver lining

  • Avoid wasting time worrying, and focus on a solution

  • Remind yourself of previous challenges you’ve overcome

  • Ask friends and family how they overcame similar challenges

  • Use readily available resources to research your obstacle

  • Find a mentor and study their methods of getting past challenges

  • Decide on a plan of action and write it down

  • Follow through with each step of your plan

  • If your plan doesn’t work, adjust it and try again

  • Learn from the positive and negative aspects of overcoming each challenge

  • Apply what you’ve learned to other challenges


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